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Find the Perfect Dress for Your Bridal Party

Every bride wants her bridesmaids to look stunning on her special day. If you are the bride, you have the privilege to select the style and color of the dresses.  Whether you want your bridesmaids to wear modern dresses, vintage dresses, or sexy dresses, their input should […]

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Wedding Traditions That Will Always be Around

Wedding traditions are an interesting thing. Most date back many generations, to the point where we have forgotten the reason behind them.

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The Obligatory Bridesmaid: Do you have to ask your Fiancé’s Sister to be your Bridesmaid?

As a bride, it is not uncommon to wonder whether or not you absolutely have to have your fiancé’s sisters, as bridesmaids at your wedding.

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How Much Money Should You Spend on Wedding Gifts?

You are having two choices that you can choose for when you are looking for suitable wedding gift to give to bride and groom. You can either give the happy couple cash or the wedding registry.

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Wedding Garter Throwing Ideas

Lastly, you’re now a fabulous new bride. When you start to plan for the wedding and reception, you also begin to recall for all wedding ideas when you were young. You then realized you’ve long wished to turn into a little princess. So, to fulfill your dream, you have make up your mind that you want to get a princess-like wedding gown for your wedding.

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