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Trash The Dress Wedding Photography

You might be wonder what is “Trash the Dressing Wedding Photography”?  This is exactly how it sound like – something unconventional following the blessed wedding ceremony, the bride straps on that gorgeous gown once again for a final farewell photo to the dress she spent a fortune to wear for one wedding day only. Instead of posing in some predictably idyllic setting, the picture is shot  at beach or in a scroungy back alley, a mossy lake, city streets, rooftops, garbage dumps, fields or abandoned buildings. The photo taken may effectively ruin the dress in the process by getting it wet, dirty or in extreme circumstances tearing or destroying the garment.

Trend For Trash The Dress Wedding Photography

Trash the dress, also known as fearless bridal or rock the frock, is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. It is generally shot in the style of fashion and glamour photography. It has become all the rage with brides who want to add something unconventional to their wedding albums. Trash the dress shoots include wearing the dress while swimming, rolling in mud, climbing trees or lying on a beach.

Some sources claim that the trend was originally started in 2001 by Las Vegas wedding photographer John Michael Cooper. Trash the Dress after that was an American phenomenon that was sweeping the UK, with many photographers now offering it as part of their wedding package.

Couple who trashing their dress normally want to leave some young and crazy act in memory. It is also a time when they could escape the stress of the wedding day with a fun, fashionable session. Fortunately the response and outcome have been amazing.  When couples are able to flaunt without worrying about getting a spot or two on their attire-  the experience and results are so much better.

It’s never been about destruction.  It’s always been about creation.  With that in mind, we felt we needed a new identity that focused more on the creation.  In the end,  it really doesn’t matter what you call it-  as the image usually speaks loudest.

trash the dress

trash the dress

trash the dress

trash the dress

trash the dress

Trash The Dress Wedding Videos

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  1. Wow..these pictures are amazingly irresistible to look at..it makes the pictures more beautiful and sweet to look at.

    The way the shots look, this is a work of art..one look of it and it catches all your attention.

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